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The Festival of Russian Dance Theatre TSEH 05 was taking place in Moscow 1-4 Dec 2005, on the stage of the Moon Theatre.




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The title TSEH ("workshop") doesn't suit very well for the festival. Or, the other way round, the word "festival", meaning "a holiday, parade, reward according to one's deserts", absolutely does not reflect the essence of TSEH as an assembly point for those engaged in contemporary dance in Russia. Of course, this meeting has in itself the joy of realization that you are not alone in the vast expanses of the national stage, but it does not imply processions, fireworks or days off.

Theoretically, the program of TSEH represents not an exhibition of dance achievements but a dispute, collision of opinions, endless questions to oneself, a quality test for one's views and ideas.

Ambiguity, contradiction and absurdity accompany contemporary dance in Russia from its very first steps, from the moment the burden of propaganda evaporated and the problem of personal artistic choice beamed once again in all its enticing and frightening splendor. The art form meant above all for the eye and aiming at expressing what cannot be put into words, - this form remains almost invisible, imperceptible and indiscernible in the Russian performing art.

Arm in arm with this "invisibility" paces a welter of confused definitions. It is impossible to answer the question "What kind of art is it?" - too little time has passed since it appeared, it hasn't yet got imbued with self-quotations, hasn't yet accumulated its history and cultural layer on the profiles of which the hieroglyphs of its name will be read. So far we can speak only of the characteristics of this theatre form, of its distinctive features and attributes, we can just try and clarify what it is not and what it flees from like Treplev following Maupassant from the triteness of the Eifel Tower.

There is a lot of something living, unshaped, categorical: the risk of denial and the right for inventing the bicycle, a polite "no, thank you" to the masterly optimism of art of mass destruction and to the sentimental dictatorship of the never-dying swans, the maniac scrutinizing not just somebody, but oneself, and the interest to everything from abroad. All this blends in a fancy way with our cultural background, with the artistic experience, with where we come from and where we go, with what's happening in the living art beside us. It's here that the major task and the voluntarily accepted responsibility for the process of contemporary dance, including the TSEH Festival, are rooted in; and this task is to determine its artistic form in Russia.

To understand a phenomenon one should try and distinguish it. That means, for one thing, at least to announce that the idea of contemporary dance (in the way it is presented at the TSEH Festival) does not include: choreographic collectives illustrating the themes of happy childhood, feats of arms or reproductive idyll, the fairytale narrativity of classical cultural monopolies: ballet and folk (both technique- and structurewise), club dance, musical, male and female strip-dance or the visual background of pop songs.

Choreographer, Art Director of the TSEH Festival Sasha Pepelyaev
The Programme of Russian Dance Platform TSEH'05



The Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val
Ul. Krymsky Val 11, metro Park Kultury, Oktyabrskaya
"Moon Theatre"
small stage
31 M.Ordynka str.
beginning at 4 p.m.
"Moon Theatre"
main stage
31 M.Ordynka str.
beginning at 8 p.m.



01.12 thur.
starting at 18.00
under whose control? 50 min
chor. Andrea Haenggi
AMDaT (Switzerland/USA)
Doors 1h15min
chor. Sasha Pepelyaev
APPARATUS theatre group (Moscow/Tallinn),



02.12 fr.
starting at 14.00 and 18.00
under whose control? 50 min
chor. Andrea Haenggi
AMDaT (Switzerland/USA)
Find 8 Differences, 40 min
chor. Darya Buzovkina, Taras Burnashev (Moscow)
The Cold Way, 34 min
chor. Yana Chuprina (Saint Petersburg),
Nostalgia 45 min
chor. Olga Pona
Chelyabinsk Theatre of Contemporary Dance
Fifth Season, 30 min
chor. Albert Albert, Aleksandra Konnikova,
JokaJok Dance Company (Kenya)
Kutoka Wapi?, 30 min
chor. Juliette Omolo (Kenya),
The Colony of Unstrict Dance (Chelyabinsk),



03.12 sat.
starting at 14.00 and 18.00
under whose control? 50 min
chor. Andrea Haenggi
AMDaT (Switzerland/USA)
Touching the Sky, 11 min
chor. Yana Chuprina (Saint Petersburg)
3Ptix, 45 min
chor. Albert Albert, Aleksandra Konnikova,
Po.V.S.Tanze (Moscow)
Non-Solo, 25 min
chor. Vladimir Golubev (Chelyabinsk),
Audrey, 20 min
chor. Maria Greif, Chelyabinsk Theatre of Contemporary Dance,
Philosophy of the Walls, 50 min
chor. Konstantin Grouss,
Theatre of Nations (Moscow),
Popupgrade, 40 min
chor. Mikhail Ivanov, Artyom Ignatyev,
Iguan Dance Theatre (Saint Petersburg)



04.12 sat.
Flies, 50 min
dir. Farukh Niyazali,
chor. Dina Khusein, Anna Abalikhina (Moscow)
Theatre of Nations (Moscow)
My Picture Vanished, 15 min
chor. Nikolay Schetnev (Arkhangelsk)
Flaps Were Larger Than Arms..., 7 min
chor. Yana Chuprina (Saint Petersburg)
Elyon, 57 min
chor. Attila Gergely (Hungary),
Dance Insitute (Ekaterinburg),
O-U-A!, 10 min
chor. Gennady Abramov,
Contemporary Choreography Department of the University of Humanities (Ekaterinburg),



4.12 at 8 p.m.
Closing of the Festival Three Kamarinskies (experimental documentary) Closing party The Technical Papers' Factory, Perevedenovsky per