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The Festival of Russian Dance theatre took place
in Moscow 12-17 Dec 2001


Tseh is Russian festival of dance theatres and Russian platform of international choreographic meetings in Sent-Sant-Denis taking place in Paris once in two years. Is is 20 performances in 5 days and good stage equipment. It is international dance projects' producers and supervisors and a perspective of Russian contemporary dance development.
TSEH is not simply a display of theatrical productions, not a public show of achievments. It is 6 days of body work with the help of the heart and mind as well as dance, choreography, performance, videoart, textand music. It is a look from the inside at the present and future of a new Russian choreography.


The ehxibition "Industrial Body" of Alena Romanova
I stage: The Nations Theatre
12 December
"Quiet Life With Herrings" Tatiana Baganova
"Am I Out?" Anouk van Dijk (NL)
"Provincial Dances" Theatre Ekaterinburg
"Consisting of them", Taras Burnashev, Daria Buzovkina, Moscow
"Sutra of Kama" Konstantin Mission "Flat N Five", Moscow
13 December
"Faces" Olga Pona, Chelyabinsk theater of contemporary dance, Chelyabinsk
"Need" Roman Kislukhin, "Shamber Ballet", Moscow
"Boosy" "P.O.V.Stance", Moscow
źThe Right Decision╗ Alexander Girshon, źPerformance-Trio╗, Moscow
"Amalgama" Alexander Pepelyaev, Ekaterinburg Contemporary Arts Centre
14 December
"Les Noces" Nikolay Ogryzkov, Nikolay Ogryzkovs Dance School, Moscow
"In Silence""Another Dance" Nikolai Schetnev Archangelsk
"Komitas Songs" Natalia Kasparova, "Kannon Dance", Saint-Petersburg
"The man nicknamed "man", Natalya Shirokova, Moscow
"═2╬╬╬", "KiNetik - theatre", Kiev
"Portrait" Andrej Andrianov, Vassilij Yuschenko, Moscow
15 December
"Ushebti" Malkova Elena, Saint-Petersburg
"There, Where Jasmine Never Stops Blossoming�", Theatre "KINETIC", Moscow
"Rehearsal" "Wampeter", Novosibirsk
"Without the master" Michael Ivanov, Iguan-Dance-Theatre, Saint-Petersburg
Video-Paint-dance-art - interactive set design. Olga Kumerger "Quadro", Gomel, Belarus;
16 December
guests of the festival
"Head down flyer" Alexander Pepelyaev, "Aurinkobaletti", Turku (FIN)
17 December
guests of the festival
"Alien"Anouk van Dijk, "Anoukvandijk DC", Amsterdam, NL



II stage: The Literary Museum
13 December
The project "Palata" Anastasia Smirnitskaya, Marina Konovalova, Evgenia Andrianova, Elena Barkovskaya, "Plantacia", Moscow
"The Shakespeare's theme" Dmitriy Nejivoj, Moscow
15 December

Dance Video program
The dance video program is supported by NPS, BBC, Theater Instituut Nederland and The Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


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