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Moscow Contemporary Dance Summer School "TSEH" took place in Moscow from 21.07 to 02.08 2003. The school was supported by The Ford Foundation, French Embassy in Moscow, French Cultural Centre in Moscow, AFAA, Swedish Cultural Institute, Swedish Embassy in Moscow, The Suitcase Fund of Dance Theater Workshop, with support from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, The Centre of Theatre Development (USA), Dansstationen (Sweden), The British Council. support:


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Andrea Woods, modern technique, USA;
Stretch, hip-hop, USA;
Trisha Bauman, technique, composition, France;
Frederic Lescure, technique, composition, France;
Fiona Millward, release based technique, UK;
Rahcel Krishe, technique, UK;
Frederic Lescure, technique, composition, France;
Lisa Torun, laboratory, Sweden;
Marya Kozeva, contemporary, Ekaterinburg, Russia;
Darya Buzovkina, released based technique, Moscow, Russia;
Tatiana Gordeeva, technique, Moscow, Russia;
Katrin Essenson, techniqeu, Tallinn, Estonia;
Alexander Pepelyaev, composition, Moscow, Russia;
Konnikova&Albert, "Flow Low and in Contact", Moscow, Russia;
Angela Donjy, contact impro, Moscow, Russia;
Opiyo Okach, East-African dance, Kenya-France.



Andrea E. Woods, USA
modern technique,
Andrea E. Woods is a Brooklyn based independent dancer/choreographer and artistic director of Souloworks/Andrea E. Woods & Dancers. She is a former dancer/rehearsal director with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Co. and teaches modern dance with a strong rhythmic physicality as well as subtle movement based on her unique, earthy and fluid movement invention which is informed by her work Bill T. Jones and Souloworks repertory. She has been on the faculty of American Dance Festival (North Carolina and Korea) 2000 and 2001. She calls her dances Souloworks because they are works from the heart, works from the soul.


Gwen Welliver, USA
technique, composition
Gwen Welliver performed with Doug Varone and Dancers from 1991-2000 and in 2000 she joined the Trisha Brown Dance Company as rehearsal director. Gwen is a winner of a New York Dance and Performance Bessie Award for Sustained Achievement in dancing. In addition she has taught at numerous studios, festivals, and universities in the US and abroad including the American Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, Dansens Hus (Denmark), the International Summer School of Dance (Japan) and the Kalamata International Dance Festival (Greece). In New York she teaches regularly for Movement Research and at the Trisha Brown Studio. Gwen was on faculty at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts from 1995 -2000
This warm-up and movement class will develop from simple skeletal mobility sequences to full-out, spatial movement forms. Emphasis will be placed on the joints, examining how their range of motion relates to alignment, support and weight. The class will culminate in phrasework and traveling sequences.
COMPOSITION: Making Material/Visual Scores.
This class will focus of making original movement material. We will experiment with using visual information, in the form of line, architecture and moving bodies, as a score for making movement. The emphasis of the class will be on movement invention, not questioning your choices, developing a personal movement vocabulary, and finding the themes and structural possibilities inherent in the movement material you create.


Trisha Bauman , USA
technique, composition,
A thorough physical preparation drawing from different "release technique" approaches and somatic research, particularly Body-Mind Centering and Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analysis, allows the dancer to go beyond habitual ways of engaging one's movement and imagination. Moving from floor work to standing exercises to extended movement phrases, the class focuses on deepening and refining the dancer's skeletal alignment, use of weight, spatial intention and flow through momentum and time.
Drawing from principles in Body-Mind Centering, Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analysis and Contact Improvisation, we will investigate how our perceptions and our physical patterns of movement bring us into creating relationship. Working with strategies which shift this interplay will serve to deconstruct and develop further our engagement in a context. We will question how changes in perspective and the interaction between intention and meaning, often contradictory, can bring us to new modes of composing. BIOGRAPHY
Dancer for many companies in the U.S. and, more recently, in France (Daniel Larrieu, Christophe Haleb, Alain Buffard...), Trisha Bauman has collaborated on several projects with the Swiss painter Mathias Schauwecker, the French dance historian/critic Laurence Louppe, and the choreographers Cecile Proust (Paris), Rahel Vonmoos (London), and Susana Szperling (Buenos Aires). Her own solo and duo work has been presented in theaters and festivals throughout Europe, South America and in New York at The Kitchen, The Joyce/Soho and Movement Research at Judson Church. She is certified in Body-Mind Centering and Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analysis, and frequently guest teaches internationally.


Lisa Torun, Sweden
"The workshop's emphasis will be on the choreographic research for dancers-choreographers exploring choreographic and collaborative methods, drawing on my own experiences. E.g partnerwork (i.e contact improvisation), spatial composition, rhythm and interpretation in relation to music (recorded-CDs or use of voice e.g. They could bring their own choices of music to explore a variety of dynamics.)"
Lisa Torun is a choreographer, dancer and singer, and artistic director of Lisa Torun Dance Company. She was born in Sweden, where she trained in ballet and contemporary but also studied as an opera singer, violinist and pianist. She has been based in London for 12 years producing a catalogue of innovative work across disciplines, with a particular focus on the involvement of music and design. She has participated in several artists exchanges, such as The Composer Choreographer Exchange at South Bank Center, Master Classes Collaboration at Sadlers Wells and Performing Arts Dance Laboratories, in Kent and is often guest lecturing on collaborations at Coventry University of Performing Arts.
She is currently the Artistic Director of the 2003 Composer Choreographer Exchange at the South Bank Center.
She has collaborated with several composers and musicians including Derek Nisbet, The Gogmagogs string players, Kathryn Locke and Pete M Wyer, with whom Lisa also co-wrote in their band Cinnamon Skin. Her own musical compositions include the score to her choreographic commission for the Royal Ballet, titled Larynx, for electronics and voice. Her choreographic and education work draws on different body techniques such as Klein and Yoga and has a strong emphasis on Body Mind Centering Techniques, contact improvisation and visual theatre.


Marya Kozeva, Ekaterinburg, Russia
contemporary technique,
"I'm interested in: body weight and its distribution through the body parts during the movement; perception of the body directions; idea of inner and outer spaces and their interaction; The class includes the work on and near the floor, basic exercises in the centre and dances in space."


Darya Buzovkina, Moscow, Russia
release-based technique
Kinetic/Darya Absolute project
"The class will help participants to gain awareness of their body as a whole structure and assist in revealing their inner potential. It will influence their search of new ways of motion by using imagination and mental processes. It may also be useful in any dance style."
Daria Buzovkina is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Moscow. Daria started her dance career at the age of 6 in "the Pioneers Palace" in Moscow. She studied dance at the dance studio of the house of Culture ZIL, at Sretenka dance school and at Moscow Ballet Academy (1993-1998). Being the student of the ballet academyl Daria performed in the play "More Van Gogh" in Moscow Tabakov theater. After graduation she worked in the State Kremlin Ballet for 6 months. She joined the project "Kinetic" in 1999. Since then Daria has participated in all the perfomances and festivals. Her own original works were used in the perfomances "One Second Hand","The list of illusion", "Qu'est qu'une ulve?", "Not There", "There, where jasmin never stops blossoming" and "The Nest of Choou".
She participated in the project of young independent choreografers and worked with the company "P.O.V.S.TANZE" in Moscow (2000). Since 2000 she has been teaching contemporary dance in the Moscow Shamber Ballet. Her own works include a solo works "Just..." (premiere-05/05/01) and "Itself" (premiere-04/06/02), a trio-project "Thirdly" for Chamber Moscow ballet (premiere-18/03/02), Expary Date (premiere-15/12/02). and a duo "Consisting of them" with dancer Taras Burnashev from "P.O.V.S.TANZE" (premiere-05/05/01).
With her own project Darya has taken part in the festivals: TSEH, Moscow 2001 and 2002, Evolusioon, Tallinn 2002, The International Festival, July 2002 and D'Est en Oues, Paris Dec 2002, Dublin Fringe Festival, Irland 2002, International Festival, Gomel, Belarus 2002.


Katrin Essenson, Tallinn, Estonia
"Movement research contents or main ideas: - to develop clearness and awareness of movement as well as physical basics in general. - working with balance and off-balance, moving through centrum and thus being able to take risks more safely. - some impro based exercises - to make variations out of workshop materials (based on the previously agreed rules). We will mostly focus on the process not the result and develop individual "vocabulary".
Mainly we pay attention to: centrum, proper breathing, using joint system and gravity; from the other hand: concentration and moving with mental images which helps to build awareness and clearness in dance motion. "
1998 - 1994 Tallinn Pedagogical University, choreography department
1997- 1995 Fine 5 Dancetheatre Studio
working as a teacher:
2002 - Kanuti Gildi Saal's Studio morning classes
2000 - 2003 Dance school "Exercise"
2000 - Rakvere dance and art school "Athena"
S.P.A. - is a creative union founded in 2000 by Katrin Essenson and Taavet Jansen
projects and performances as a choreographer:
2003 "...jusqu'ici, ca va bien", "...so far so good...", Katrin Essenson's solo project, a short version performed in festival "UUS TANTS" (Tallinn), premiere in 7. may 2003 Kanuti Gildi Saal
2003 "Sabbatum - S.P.A. meets music", dir. Katrin Essenson and Taavet Jansen, project together with medieval music ensemble "Rondellus"
2002 "PINK PUNK", idea Katrin Essenson, open air dance happening , premiere in Tartu, group work
2002 "Kunagi oskasid olla...", dir., chor. Katrin Essenson
2002 "Abuzz", idea and chor. Katrin Essenson, dance happening
2001 "According to the law", chor. Katrin Essenson / S.P.A.
2001 "451 F", chor. Katrin Essenson
2000 "Diatessaron", chor. Katrin Essenson, Taavet Jansen / S.P.A.
2000 "Give me a break", chor. Katrin Essenson
1998 "I am what I am", chor. Katrin Essenson, diploma work
1997 "Flush", chor. Katrin Essenson, open air performance


Tatiana Gordeeva, Moscow, Russia
Kinetic, Moscow
contemporary technique
"My class has been built up on the base of contemporary, modern and release workshops' experience, as well as broad stage practice including work in the Kremlin ballet for 9 years and in Sasha Pepelyaev's Kinetic for 7.5 year; and as a result of my own exploration and research.
The biggest emphasize of the lesson is directed to design the relationships between mind and body and quest for an effective and efficient use of the body energy. The lesson includes simple exercises which can serve as a platform for practicing any principals of any dance styles. Those will be followed by more complicated dance phrases where such principles as reason and circumstance, fall and balance, travelling in the space, inertion and weight and coordination of jump will be persuaded."