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"Bodies' leaves"
PO.V.C.TANZY (the name stands for "entirely internal free dancesİ in Russian) is one of the first dance theatres in Russia. Every dancing actor in the company has his own role, goal and ways of expression. Life line and reason are knitted into the thin web of the performance. Movements are born in the present and die in the past changing each other as leaves.
"Movements leave the body as leaves leave the tree. Cold. Then warmer and warmerş.. Again cold...Time has changed. We are dancing to get warm... Our dance becomes more and more mature, our motivations and behaviour - more and more reasonable; and our rare meetings - more and more significant..." PO.V.C.TANZY


"Nachtspruenge" (32min) ( Night jumps with parachute)
The choreography was developed by Katja Wachter for and in cooperation with the company "Kipling".
"Nightjumps" is dealing with the topic of leading and following, the different mechanisms in submitting to orders.
Obedience is one of the fundamental elements in the structure of social life and determines our actions much more than we often realize.
On the one hand the piece is based on observing everyday human behaviour, on the otherhand on Stanley Milgram's experiments on obedience to authority.
The choreography does not, however, describe the experimental assemblage or devides into offender and victim, but potrays the various ways of leading and following within the group and shows the passing through different levels of manipulating each other.
Choreographer: Katja Wachter (Munich)
Dancers: Fedotovskich Natalia, Podolskaja Julia, Chtchoukine Serguej, Petrajitski Alexander, Levtchenko Natalya,
Music: Einsturzende Neubauten - "Berlin Babilon", Pale 3 - "Der KRIEGER und die Kaiserin" (soundtrack), Jean Wiener - "Tango du coiffeur", E.Elgar - "Pomp and circumstance", Kipling


29 and 30.04
Provincial dances
"The Maple Garden"
Choreographer: Tatiana Baganova
Music: group "Die anarchistische Abendunterhaltung" and project "Moscow Art Trio"
Costumes: Olga Pautova, Victoria Mozgovaja
Dancers: Tatiana Baganova, Olga Bakulina, Ekaterina Medvedeva, Olga Sevostianova, Maria Shapkina, Mikhail Chepchugov, Ravil Galimov, Dmitri Ushkov, Sergey Zemljanski
Duration: 30 min
"MAPLE GARDEN" was staged in summer 1999 in Darem (USA, N.C.). It was specially orginised by American Dance Festival (ADF) according to the International Choreographers Commissioning Program. Sponsored by "Philip Morris Companies Inc.", "Rokfeller Foundation� and "Trust for Mutual Understanding". "Omega group" company sponsored the staging in Ekaterinburg.
"MAPLE GARDEN" is the prize-winner of the Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" (2001).


"Wings at Tea" 60 min
choregrapher: Tatiana Baganova
dancers: Tatiana Baganova, Olga Bakulina, Ekaterina Medvedeva, Valeria Mossejeva, Olga Sevostianova, Maria Shapkina, Ravil Galimov, Vladimir Evdokimov, Sergey Zemlyanskiy, Dmitry Ushkov, Mikhail Chepchugov, Ilya Shangin
music: Chris Lancaster, Yma Sumac, J.S.Bash (performed by Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky Quintet)
stage design: Tatiana Baganova / Olga Pautova
light: David Ferri / Andrey Pleshakov
costumes: Olga Pautova
...The work was staged in Darem (USA, N.C.). a as a comssion of the American Dance Festival (ADF) in the frame of the International Choreographers Commissioning Program with support of Philip Morris Companies Inc., the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, Doris Duke Awards for New Work and Trust for Mutual Understanding.




Kinetic Theatre
The Nest of Chooe 30 min
...Nothing is to be done about it but the way Chaplin walked or Einshtein stuck out his tong exist inside us. When space and time betray each other we try to catch up with ourselves.
There might be a place where we can have enough time to think about it. Probably this place is not far away. It's probably very close. Well, it feels near. We stop, look around, slap ourselves on the forehead or pat our pockets as we were suddenly asked for a ticket by a strict conductor.
At this moment thunder and a bolt of lighting strike, the mobile goes off, our shadows vanish and the trolleybus departs. Again we fall out from the nest which we didn't get round to making.
And Chooe, who is that?
concept, direction, set, light: Sasha Pepelyaev
choreography: Kinetic Theatre
dancers: Tatiana Gordeeva, Daria Buzovkina, Olga Tsvetkova, Sasha Pepelyaev
music "AuktsYon", mix: Sasha Pepelyaev
costumes: Larisa Letyushkina Kinetic photo: Musiachenko



Alexander Girshon's project
Right Decisions
Music by Meredith Monk
Choreographed and performed by Alexander Girshon and Anna Garafeeva
Music by Pierre Bastien, Boris Grebenshchikov, Philip Glass, Anton Batagov
Staged by Alexander Girshon
Choreographed and performed by Alexander Girshon, Valery Veryaskin, Elena Kulakova, Elena Novomlinskaya, Rezeda Kuchkarova, Sergei Chinyakov photo: Musyachenko


Renate Keerd
Mystical Sounds in Snorting Night 30 min
direction, choreography and light design Renate Keerd performed by Renate Keerd
Music Ursula rucker, guy Klucevsek, Bugge Wesseltoft, Aqua Bassino, Laurie Anderson, Nick Cave, Einsturxende Neubauten
light Eve teras, Kaja Kann, Renate Keerd
This piece is the newest part of the trylogy "Mystical Sounds in snorting night". All of these three parts are independent but together they form a different whole. In my trylogy i am dealing with the everlasting human questions aiming to use the most intriguing and abstract forms for myself. My intention is to give the audience some space, therefore enabling them to observe and interpret my work personally. Renate Keerd
Renate Keerd was born in Parnu. Her close relationship with theatre is prevailing in her dance pieces. She made her first choreography as a student of Viljandy Cultural College Dance Department in 1998. Different parts of "Mystical Sounds in Snorng Night" have been invited to the festivals in Estonia and elsewhere: Manover 2001 - Maltic Games, Leipzig, Open Look, S.-Petersburg, Tanz in August, Berlin, Baltic University of Dance, Gdansk, 12 International Festival of modern dance, Kaunas. She premiered a short duet with Helgur in the Parnu City Gallery as part of the photo exibition "The Fragments of Silence" in Febr. 2003 Helgur Rosental has graduated from the Theatre Department of Viljandy Cultural Collegeand is currently working in several thatres in Estonis - TheatreLab/Tartu and Von Krahl Theatre/Tallinn.


Darya Absolute project
choreography and performed by Darya Buzovkina
music "Nol'"
choreography Darya Buzovkina
music Coel
performed by Marina Nikitina, Uliana Bochenikova, Evgenia Yakimova
light: Alexey Akelkin photo: Å.Musyachenko