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Festival's participants
Kinetic, Moscow
"Mixed Doubles" 50 min.
First plays football, second - chess, third - roulette or on stage. Normally the rules of the game are not known. But how to find out what game particularly you are in at this particular time. Should the queen be captured by the knight if the king is poisoned by Gertrude? Should penalty be appointed if red comes out five times and Juliet is pale and motionless.
The characters of the Mixed Doubles ignore these questions. Related to different performances taking place at the same time they are dancing in extremely nonlinear time. Their chance to rescue depends on the speed of their reaction to the situations they bump into. Will they eventually get to the play, the one they are dreaming of, or will stay in distorted reality of parallel narratives - this is the question to be answered in the course of Mixed Doubles.



concept, direction, choreography, set: Sasha Pepelyaev;
light: Gleb Velichko;
music: Sergey Prokofiev "Romeo and Juliet"'s samples mixed by Sasha Pepelyaev;
video: Olga Tsvetkova;
dancers: Tatiana Gordeeva, Daria Buzovkina, Olga Zvetkova, Taras Burnashev, Ilya Shaburov, Stanislav Shmelin;
in cooproduction with American Dance Festival, Durhem, USA and Dance Agency "Tseh", Moscow.



>>>>>Sasha Pepelyaev
Sasha Pepelyaev - independent director and choreographer based in Moscow. In 1984 he became an artistic director of the Moscow State University's mime studio, which was transformed into one of the first independent theater-studios "Poor Yorik" in Moscow in 1987. He graduated form the Theatrical University in 1994. In 1994 he started the project "Kinetic" focused on the definition of Russian contemporary dance. Since 1995/96 company's productions have evolved through the idea of combining postmodern Russian text, contemporary dance and traditional Russian drama style.
Since 1998 Sasha Pepelyaev is invited as a guest teacher, director and choreographer at theatre academies and dance centres in Europe and the USA. In 2004 he was awarded The "choreographer/creator" Bessies for his work in cooproduction with Von Krahl theatre (Estonia) "Swan Lake" "for fearlessly reanimating ballet's sacred swan".
Iguan theatre, S.-Peterburg
Noise & silence 40 min.
His sound and his life were running away from him.
The performance is based on the sound technology's research in collaboration with K.Fogil and R.Doich..



choreographer: Michael Ivanov
performers: Alisa Panchenko, Artem Ignat'ev, Anastasiya Kadruleva, Michael Ivanov, Nina Gasteva
music: Michael Ivanov, Sen-Sans mixed by A.Gromova, live mix by Victor Golikov
stage set: Nina Gasteva Artem Ignat'ev
light: Galina Preklonskaya
costumes: Artem Ignat'ev



>>>>>Michael Ivanov
Was born in 1961. Graduated from the Agricultural Academy. He started the theatre in 1984.
Performances: "Early Winter"; "Onetwothreefourfive..." (1999); "Happiness", "Schubert Foggy" (2000); "Cruel Games", "TOO Loose" (2001); "Bez pana" (2002).
Projects: "Faun's nights" for the theatre Montasier (Versailles); "Petrushka", "Vector" and "Strong Tea" for Southern Theatre in Minneapolis (2003); "Light & Shadows" in collaboration with the light designer Jeff Bartlett (USA); "Noise & Silence" in collaboration with the musician and composer Richard Doich, the programmer Kris Fogel and DJ Viktor Golikov (2004).
Kannon Dance, S.-Petersburg
"Play in Decadence" 30 min.
"Play in Decadence is a frenetic and neurotic trio that blends loose pedestrian character with daring and precise virtuosity. The choreography interacts with the eccentric music and whimsical visual projections to create a colorful and playful world. The stage becomes a cartoon: clothes go on and off, dancers draw themselves into and out of the space, five alarms ring at once, and just as soon as the dancers recuperate they fall or are shoved to the floor again. The dancers finally come to rest when they are stripped of all color and lie bare, leaving their lively sketches behind them."



Choreographer: Natalia Kasparova
Performers: Dmitry Burakov, Julia Krukova, Anna Ozerskaya
Music: ,
Stage set, light and costumes: Natalia Kasparova



>>>>>Natalia Kasparova
Natalia Kasparova had a great interest in dance when she was heading to her Master's degree in Gymnastics. She studied modern, jazz, afro and contemporary dance with numerous teachers at master classes and festivals.
Natalia is the artistic director of Kannon Dance School where she teaches jazz, modern, contemporary and afro dances. She also works as a guest teacher and artist at dance festivals and events all around Russia and abroad. In 1999 Natalia was given the choreography award at Fyodor Lopukhov Choreographers Competition. In 2001 she spent in Minnesota 6 weeks, working and performing with the Dancing People Company. In July 2001 she taught and performed at California Summer Dance University in Fresno, California. In August 2001, together with dancers from Ireland, Estonia, and US, Natalia took part in the international dance project with the US choreographer Yoshiko Chuma.
Recently she has created 3 pieces for Lone Star Ballet (TX, USA) and one piece for students of the dance department at the GWU (Washington, DC).
At the moment Natalia is the professor of contemporary dance department at the Academy of Physical Education (S.-Petersburg).
Dance Company "Kipling", Ekaterinburg
"No Zhizel" 50 min.
This work is an attempt to understand why there is no happiness in women's eyes despite a huge choice of options promising them to feel the Genuine Women.
The work forms an opinion about the fashion world not from positions of those who dictate new fashionable tendencies but from women at whom powerful fashion-advertising siege is aimed at. It's the theorem of the fashionable industry by contradiction.
The name of work is a deliberate disavowal of ballet traditions. It is not a parody of ballet images. The musical theme of "Carmen Suite" disturbs Russian contemplation by the violent Spanish temperament and unrestrained passions of nature. It perfectly contrasts with pretentious images of women who have forgotten that worship of fashion is only game not life.



Concept, direction: Levchenko Natalia
Choreography and performed by: Fedotovskich Natalia, Potanina Larissa, Taluts Anna, Podolskaja Julia, Shchoukine Sergey
Text: fashion-magazines for women
Music: Carmen Suite of Bizet-Schedrin, Kuznetsov Vassily
Set: Kipling
Costumes: Malkov Peter



>>>>>Dance Company "Kipling"
After its establishment in 1994, the company quickly won popularity in Ekaterinburg and other cities of Russia, participating in festivals and contemporary dance competitions in the country and abroad.
With the works "Girls to the Right, Boys to the Left" and "Tall Tomatoes, or the Truth about Pears the company evolved into the genre of dance theatre. Both works were nominated for National Theatrical Award "Golden Mask" in 2000 and 2001 and have been presented on festivals in Saransk, Ryazan, Vilnius (Baltic dance - 2000) and London (Resolution - 2001).
2001-2002: "Bord a `Bord", choreographer - Marion Ballester (France), "Ordinary History about Butter", "Intergastronomic Travel", "Night Parachute Jump" (choreographer - Katya Vahter (Germany). Two last works were presented at the dance-theatres festival in Lublin (Poland), 2001.
2003: "Night Parachute Jump" was nominated for "Golden Mask"; "Syndrome of Transient Solitude" was created as a teamwork with Taras Burnashev, Moscow, "P.O.V.Stance".
2004: "NO Zhizel" was presented at the festival AERODANCE in Amsterdam in July, 2004
Chelyabinsk Theatre of Contemporary Dance
"Does the English Queen Know What Real Life is About?" 44 min.
"You know nothing about life!" - this is a typical phrase to be uttered by parents or seniors. The knowledge of "life" implies the knowledge of the existence and survival in the extreme conditions of war, prison, logging or hospital. When the dark days arrive Russian changes his state of European enthusiasm for the state of Asian contemplation; and ends up in the state of spiritual drowsiness. Life is the natural force, bleak and gloomy. One should never forgets it. One step to the right, one step to the left - you've lost the knowledge of life. The English Queen doesn't know the life at all. Victor Erofeev "Encyclopedia of the Russian Soul"



Choreographer Olga Pona
Performers: Vladimir Golubev, Vladislav Morosov, Andrey Zykov, Artiom Sushenko, Michael Abramov, Elena Prishvytsina, Olga Sharova, Maria Greif, Tatiana Lumpova
Music: Roman Dubinnikov, Ryoji Ikeda
Set: Olga Pona
Light: Vladimir Karpov
Costumes: Olga Pona



>>>>>Olga Pona
Olga Pona was born in Novotroisk in the Orenburg region. She graduated from the Polytechnical Institute in Chelyabinsk in 1981. At the age 21 she started studying dance and graduated from the Chelyabinsk Institute of Culture in 1985. There are her 8 works in the theatre's repertoire. She teaches and creates choreography in Russia and abroad.
Quadro, Gomel
"Missed Winter" 23 min.
"In Front of The Sky" 16 min.
"Space. Time. Creation. The way creator's contemporaries and future generations living in different parts of the world would perceive his or her work. Something encourages man to create in spite of.Something inconceivable, inexplicable, something that keeps creator going without swerving from the path. Is it a presentiment or a foresight? Or may be it's the responsibility for the God's gift in front of the sky?"



choreographer: Inna Aslamova
performers: Inna Aslamava, Tatiana Bobryk, Volha Zaharthanka, Alena Zaitsava Katsiaryna Mashkouskaya
music: J.S. Bach
The text is read by: Sergey Lagutenko, Yuriy Marzhinovich
stage set: Inna Aslamova
light: Alina Kozyrava



>>>>>Inna Aslamova
Inna Aslamova: choreographer, teacher, dancer and art director of modern dance group "Quadro". She started the group in 1994. She has been organising modern dance events and festivals in Gomel, Belarus. Inna has taught modern dance in Belarus and Poland. Her works have been presented at international festivals in Russia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. She received The Award For Best Choreography for the one-act ballet "False Development" at IFMC, Vitebsk, Belarus in 2002; and a special reward for the one-act ballet "In the Face Of the Sky" at the IFMC, Vitebsk, Belarus in 2002. She won the choreographers' competition CBBF-4 in Daugavpis, Latvia in 2004. In 2001 Inna Aslamova opened a modern dance department at Children's Choreography school in Gomel.
Taras Burnashev&Darya Buzovkina, Moscow
"Snow" 20 min.
Snow. It is all about it.
Winter is a sort of summer but white and cold.
The Snowmaid put on a smart dress...
And thought, "does it matter, winter or summer?",
The time has passed...the time has gone.



choreography/dance: Taras Burnashev and Darya Buzovkina
music: Brendom Anderegg, Andrey Dergachev
stage design/costumes:Taras Burnashev
light: Ljubov Svobodova



>>>>>Taras Burnashev&Darya Buzovkina
"Burnashev & dancers"
In 1990 Taras Burnashev joined Gennady Abramov's "Class of Expressive Body Movements" where he was involved in creating and performing "Class's" works . He has taken part in various workshops of Russian and foreign teachers. Taras works on his own projects, carries out researches in the field of improvisation and choreography and works in collaboration with painters, musicians, designers. He is also one of the founders of "PO.V.S.Tanze" dance company.
Daria Buzovkina Project
Daria Buzovkina is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Moscow. She is a participant in Kinetic theatre (choreographer Sasha Pepelyaev). In her choreography Daria tries to focus on the reflections on different periods of time in her personal life and in the life that surrounds her. She is interested in what happens when the already existing reflections become the source for something new.
Laptev Sea, Chelyabinsk
"If." 9 min. "Epilogue" 7 min.
"The short scenes of this piece are leafed like the revived slides of the stories that could have happened. Of course, none of them might be real. Simply, one more version. One way or another. But only if."
choreography: Ksenya Petrenko
performers: Veronika Kim, Denis Semenov
music: Zorn
stage set, light, costumes: by the group
"Epilogue" is the dyed in black psychedelic composition about the frailty of being, the tragedy of people who have lost their beloved ones and now are in a desperate need for support. Strange and sometimes frightening, but always entrancing!" Yuri Manov ("The impressions of the festival "Black Cat" in Ryazan)



choreography: Ksenya Petrenko
performers: Veronika Kim, Denis Semenov, Aleksey Androsov
music: Georgiy Anokhin
stage set, light, costumes: by the group



>>>>>Ksenya Petrenko
She was a dancer of Lilia Sevostyanova Modern Choreography Theater (1985-1992, Tashkent, Uzbekistan). In 1993 she continued her training as a professional theater director at the Academy of Culture and Arts in Chelyabinsk. Now she works as a teacher-choreographer at the "Maneken" theater and takes part in several theater projects as a movement director. Ksenya has trained at ADF (Ekaterinburg, Moscow), K. Orf's seminars (Volgograd).
In 1999 she organised her own group which now accounts 7 actors and dancers. The "Laptev Sea" can be seen at many local and all-Russian contemporary dance festivals in Saransk, Ryazan' and Severoural'sk. The group's works are directed towards the synthesis of dance and dramatic art ("non-dance").
Lika Shevchenko's Project, Moscow
"Not a dream" 8 min.
The piece is about two dancers and one greatcoat. It is an attempt to understand the war between two sexes, where it comes from, how to deal with it and what are its consequences.



choreography: Lika Shevchenko, Roman Andreykin
performers: Roman Andreykin, Ulyana Bachernikova.
music: Cluck, "Laibach"



>>>>>Lika Shevchenko
Lika Shevchenko - choreographer, soloist of the Chamber Ballet "Moskva". In 1996 Lika graduated form Chelyabinsk State College of Culture. She worked at the Chelyabinsk theatre of modern dance from 1992 to 1996. She was given the critics' award for her work at the International festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk in 2001. At the same year she became the laureate of the III Moscow International Festivals of Modern Dance. In 2003 Lika graduated from Russian Theater Academy, faculty of choreography. At the present time she also is a teacher, tutor and choreographer the show.
"The Colony of Unpolished Dance", Chelyabinsk
"Why didn't you come" 28 min.
about the insufficient and lightening/imperceptible.



choreography: Vladimir Golubev
performers: Kalashnikova Ira, Khuznakhmetova Ira, Marina Tsoj, Lena Evseeva, Zhenya Yadova, Tanya Mamaeva, Natasha Teteneva Yulya
music: Los Sampler marches
stage set, light, costumes: Vladimir Golubev



>>>>>Vladimir Golubev
Dancer of Chelyabinsk Theatre of Modern Dance.
"Visage" Dance Theatre, Tashkent
"Request" 50 min
"Pursuit of harmony in human relations. The participants of the performance are seeking and trying to make their way from anguish and despair to hope, from anxiety to the inner peace, from self-conceit to self-sacrifice."



choreographer: Lilia Sevastyanova
performers: Anton Avrutskiy, Viktoria Gordienko, Andrey Zarovskiy, Olga Ostanina, Lilia Sevastyanova
music: A. Vivaldi, A. Part, A. Ionatos, H. Torgue, S. Houppin
stage set, costumes, light: Lilia Sevastyanova



>>>>>Lilia Sevastyanova
She studied choreography in Tashkent Institute of Culture from 1976 to 1981. From 1982 to 1992 she worked as the artistic director of an ensemble of modern choreography which was later transformed to a theatre.
In 1992 her work "White Bluz" was presented at the Festival of New Forms SKIT in Paris and London.
From 1993 to 1999 she worked as a choreographer and teacher in the studio at the Gor'kov's Russian Drama Theatre. She has collaborated with a number ff theatres in Tashkent and Moscow and created choreography for 30 drama performances. Her own dancing works includes: "The Sin of Silence" (1993), "Mystery" (1995), "The World in the Suitcase> (1996), "Plea" (2000), "Meeting" (2002-2003).
"The Parallels", Vitebsk
"A Fairy Tale for Adults" 4 min
"Children adore fairytales very much. Sometimes they create them themselves in order to get away from problems and bad situations, thus making their own "miniature paradise". How often adults lack this "paradise", which one can easily feel when communicating with children. If everybody (at list almost everybody) could be joyful the way children are, then probably the world would be different".



choreographer: Nastya Makhova performers: Nastya Makhova, Polina Makhova music: Muzik Yann Tiersen Text taken from stage set: Sergey Makhov light: S. Davydenko costumes: N. Makhova



>>>>>Nastya Makhova
Nastya Makhova was born in 1973 in Vitebsk. She was turned into contemporary dance when she watched the programme of the International Festival of Modern Choreography (IFMC) in 1993. Her first teachers were T.Baganova, N.Fiksel, N.Ogryzkov and F.Leskur. Until 1997 the IFMC, run annually in Vitebsk, remained the only source for the information about modern dance. She started the studio of modern dance, which was named "Parallels" in 2000. She has been studying techniques, composition and modern jazz at the ADF II and III Moscow sessions and at Moscow Summer Dance Schools TSEH.
For the first time she showed her work at the IFMC in Vitebsk in 1997. The piece "Fairytale for adults" was created in spring 2003 and was shown at the International Festival of Modern dance in Kiev. The "The Parallels" were awarded the first prize in the nomination of "modern dance". The same year "A Fairy tale for adults" was presented in the art-project "New dance" in Grodno. The piece and the studio were given the main awards at the Russian Competition was shown at the IV International Contemporary Dance Festival "TanzTranzit 2004".
"Arts School", Moscow
"And then Mix Them Thoroughly" 30 min
Delicate silhouette of Picasso's girl on the sphere, acrobatic figures and drawings - as an allegory of our eclectic life.



choreographer: Natalya Fiksel
performers: Nikonovitch A. Churikova K. Zurkova L. Rusanova N.
music H.Budd, R. Garcia, D. Zentz; A. Batagov; P. Skulpthorp; S. Rahmaninov;S. Kurjohin
stage set N. Fiksel L. Lerman
costumes T. Frantsuzova



>>>>>"Arts School"
"And then Mix Them Thoroughly" is the second piece of the project "Arts School". The first one, "Children room", was made in 2002. The project's participants are the students of dance department of the Moscow Arts School. The teacher and choreographer - Natalya Fiksel, administrator - Aleksandr Abritalin.